Get your ducks (or chickens) in a row for the year ahead

It's the start of the new financial year. Now would be a great time to review the year that was and make a plan for a year that will be.

And, did you know, us bookkeepers can help you with that. Yes!! We don't just enter numbers into the computer. We can prepare a set of reports that will give you valuable insight into how your business did and help predict how it will do. So how can we do this?

Cash Flow Projections

We may not have a crystal ball, but by looking at previous income and expenditure patterns, and with some input from you as the client around expected future expenses and sales, we can build a cash flow projection to allow you to make some important decisions around where your business is going in the year ahead.

Budget Reports

Is your business working towards a budget? Would you like to know if you over or under spent on your budget? We can assist in setting up these budget reports and providing regular budget vs actual reports to allow you to see where you need to make cuts or where you can perhaps be spending a little more.

Profit Margins

Not only can we set you up with the bog standard profit and loss report, but we can add detail to this in the form of your profit margin. Are you under charging? Or maybe you are over charging, and by reducing your fee a little you may boost sales numbers? Let take a look at the numbers!

Debtor Days

Are you forever chasing payment on invoices? Did you know, us bookkeepers have connections - and I don't mean the type with a baseball bat! But, we have these issues sometimes too, and we have solutions. Talk to us about how you can get your debtor days down and that cash flowing again.

Profit & Loss and Balance Sheets

Do you wonder why, when you run your profit and loss, you seem to have made a great net profit but there never seems to be any money in the bank? Do you look at your balance sheet. Do you truly understand what you are looking at? We can help you get your head around these reports and understand the relationship between them. You just need to ask.

If you want your business to grow, you need to know where it has been and where it is going. Give us a call to help you with that!

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