What is a Certified Professional Bookkeeper and Why Would you Hire One?

So what is a Certified Professional Bookkeeper? This is a Bookkeeper who is a member of the professional association, The ICB, or Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. But why is that of any importance?

  1. As a member, we are required to pass an Annual Skills Test each time we renew our membership. This test contains 40 questions regarding bookkeeping and BAS associated legislation, therefore proving our wide knowledge base.

  2. The ICB has a dedicated team of support staff who are on hand daily to answer tricky questions. As bookkeeping and BAS can sometimes throw us a curve-ball, and many of us are working remotely or alone, it is an invaluable service for us to bounce a query off and ensure we are following best practice and correctly applying legislation.

  3. The Annual Bookkeepers Summit, regular Bookkeeping Workshops, and weekly webinars provide practical and up to date examples and assistance to keep us at the top of our game. These avenues, along with the monthly detailed ICB newsletters ensure that we are informed of any changes in legislation. I personally would not have survived the implementation of Jobkeeper during Covid and 2020 had it not been for the ICB and their weekly Jobkeeper webinar updates and their support.

  4. The Annual Continuing Professional Education requirement ensures that we take the time to read those newsletters and attend the training provided so we do not miss any important announcements or changes.

  5. The ICB has a list of approved products relating to Software, Insurance, and HR Advice to name a few, so we can be assured that if we use one of those products we will not be disappointed with the level of service we receive from them.

  6. A Comprehensive resources database is available to members with information on all aspects of bookkeeping and BAS preparation, so any situation we may not have come across, or require a reminder on, we can check up on our knowledge and ensure we are following best practice.

These are some of the reasons you should hire a Certified Professional Bookkeeper.

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